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Although we are known for the quality, cost-effective and prompt testing and analysis service that we offer to the construction industry, at Lucideon we do much more than that.

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» Alternative Uses for Bricks in Structural Work: Moving Beyond Thin Brick
» Optimization of the Drying Process - a way to Maximize Process Efficiency and Product Quality

With scientific backgrounds, decades of industry experience, up-to-date knowledge of regulations and legislation, and product and process management expertise, our technical consultants will work to help you improve performance, develop novel products and improve existing ones, comply with regulations and solve problems - meaning you gain a competitive advantage and increase profitability.

Materials Selection

Our knowledge of material properties and formulation, coupled with our testing facilities and state-of-the-art rational materials selection tools, means that we can inform and improve your materials selection process, ensuring that materials and building products meet performance, safety, legislative and quality standards.

Product Design & Development

With the continual need for new products, we work closely with innovative manufacturers as part of their product design team. Whether it is working with an SME on the development of small components or a national company on a complete building system, we have the equipment, expertise, accreditation and testing facilities to support the commercial development of your new products - from concept through to market. Not only should a product be fit for purpose but it is often required to comply with numerous structural and building code requirements. Within the Construction Sector new and novel products often go to market with BBA or similar certification. This can be very expensive, but our services can help you develop your products at the pre-certification testing stage, making sure that your money is well spent, and not wasted on re-testing.

Processing Support

We offer full support in scale-up and process optimization for both new and existing products and systems. In addition, we provide a full suite of quality control procedures and tests, accredited to international standards, in order to ensure the quality, consistency and performance of your materials and products. And when products or processes fail, we work quickly and effectively to analyse and diagnose problems in order to minimise downtime, improve product and material process efficiency and optimize quality.

Failure Analysis

Analysis of failed materials and products after use or during manufacture serves to both optimize performance and to inform new product development. Thanks to our materials expertise, our analytical and testing services and our processing knowledge, we can work with you to analyse failures and, more importantly, to provide timely and cost-effective solutions.

Lucideon is a Notified Body (NB 1289) under the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011 for the assessment and verification of construction products. Lucideon maintains impartial procedures for all work performed as a Notified Body to safeguard its independence.

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    Digital Image Correlation for Construction

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    Cost-Effective Design using Construction Test Methods

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    Materials from Alternative, Recycled and Secondary Sources (MARSS) 2005 - 2010: 6 Year Review

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    Flood Resilient Construction

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    Design Guide for Masonry Reinforced by Bond Beams and Columns to Resist Lateral Load

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    Technical Report and Design Guidance for the Use of Porotherm Blocks in the UK

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