Construction Dispute Resolution

The frequency and severity of construction conflicts and disputes over the years has increased significantly. Claims and disputes are time consuming and costly processes which can often be avoided through the employment of an independent and impartial adjudicator.

Our experts can act for all parties involved in a dispute in order to determine the fault cause(s) and a potential resolution(s). With our experience and resources, we can examine the facts and where necessary, conduct on-site assessments to provide third party independent evidence. This can help to resolve disputes prior to legal action being taken.

Examples of disputes that we have assisted with:

  • Concrete reinforcement
  • Render thickness
  • Insulation issues
  • Inappropriate mortar composites.

Benefits of using our mitigation services:

  • The avoidance of high legal fees
  • Independent unbiased facts to resolve problems
  • Time efficient - no lengthy legal proceedings
  • Uphold company/brand reputation
  • Maintain client relationships.

For further information about our construction mitigation services, contact:

Steve Newman, Product Manager
+44 (0)1782 764356

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    The Use of Digital Image Correlation in Masonry Research

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