CE Marking of Construction Sealants

After the harmonised standard series EN 15651 was released in 2012, CE marking within the EU became mandatory for construction sealants from July 2014.

At Lucideon, we can test construction sealants to the relevant standards, thus enabling manufacturers to CE mark their products.

What is CE Marking?

The CE mark is essentially a ‘passport’ which is required in order for certain products to be placed on the market in any EU member state. In order to be CE marked, construction sealants must comply with the essential requirements of the relevant harmonised European standards set out under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

The relevant performance targets and test requirements for CE marking are contained in the current European Standards:

EN 15651-1:2012  -  Sealants for Facade Elements

EN 15651-2:2012  -  Sealants for Glazing

EN 15651-3:2012  -  Sealants for Sanitary Joints

EN 15651-4:2012  -  Sealants for Pedestrian Walkways

The CE mark is not a quality mark. To determine the quality of construction sealants, all parts of the relevant European Standards must be adhered to; CE marking only requires compliance with the described annexes.

Requirements for Affixing the CE Mark

In order to affix the CE mark, the manufacturer, their agent or authorised representative establishment within the EEA should complete the following attestation tasks:

  1. Determine which Attestation and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) level your products are categorised into; from reference to applicable standards (EN 15651 parts 1-4).
  2. Cross-reference the AVCP level on the table below to determine which tasks need to be performed and, if applicable, have initial type testing carried out by a notified test laboratory. Relevant tests are those specified in the Z annexes of the relevant EN Standards.
  3. Document and have openly available the Factory Production Control System.
  4. Once a manufacturer has completed the attestation tasks they are required to complete a Declaration of Performance. This is then kept as a record with the technical file concerning the product.

Systems of Assessment & Verification of Constancy of Performance:

Table: Systems of Assessment & Verification of Constancy of Performance

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