Balustrade Testing

Balustrades prevent accidental falls from exposed edges at heights; it’s crucial that they are safe and fit for purpose both before installation and during service.

In the UK, loading limits of free standing glass, post, rail, spindle and infill balustrades are directed by Eurocode 1 and tested to BS 6180: 2011 ‘Barriers in and about buildings’. Loading tests ensure the safety and performance of balustrades and their components.

At Lucideon, we test balustrades to BS 6180: 2011 in our laboratories and on-site to assess the on-going safety and performance of existing in-situ systems.

In addition to balustrades, we also provide testing of staircases, balconies, handrails and Glass-reinforced Plastic (GRP) products – canopies, chimneys and dormer windows.

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