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Process Optimization

Optimizing or reorganizing existing processes, or implementing new ones, provides the ideal opportunity to ensure that systems and processes are running at their most efficient. Our processing experts can visit sites, audit production processes and recommend how to optimize tile processing facilities. Optimization encompasses all stages of the tile manufacturing process, from raw materials selection through to decorating.


High energy-intensive industries, such as ceramics, require emissions to be monitored for and reported to regulatory schemes, for example, EU ETS (EU Emissions Trading Scheme). Lucideon CICS provides independent verification of emissions data, as well as verification of voluntary carbon footprints.

Quality Assurance

Using our extensive analytical capabilities, our experts provide regulatory testing to EU and international standards to ensure your product meet the latest production standards and regulatory requirements. We also offer auditing of product processes and management certification systems to, e.g. ISO 9001 etc., to ensure compliance.

Failure Investigation

When failures occur you need to find out why. At Lucideon, our experts investigate the root cause of a failure, determining how and why it has occurred. We don’t just stop at determining the source of the failure, we also work with you to correct it and provide recommendations on how your material, product or process can be changed to prevent it happening again. Our expert knowledge is underpinned by our comprehensive analysis tools.


Do you need to see how your products compare to those of your competitors’? Lucideon can test and benchmark your products against any number of competitor products to see how your products really measure up. This can be useful for both claim substantiation and new product development.

Slip Testing

Whether wet or dry, tiles can be hazardous in certain circumstances. Using the latest equipment, our experts can measure the slip resistance of your tiles either in our laboratory or in-situ. Our data can prove that your tiles are fit for purpose, ensuring that you avoid health and safety issues. Should tiles fail in-situ we can help you to understand why they’re failing and suggest how problems can be rectified.

Adhesive Testing

A tile's performance and longevity can be let down by both incorrect installation and choice of adhesive. It is therefore in the interest of tile manufacturers, retailers and adhesive manufacturers to establish which types of adhesive perform safely in the desired application areas of different types of tiles. Lucideon can perform all adhesive tests to satisfy your needs.


Technology innovations are at the heart of what we do. Our most recent innovations are changing the way ceramics are made and measured. New market applications can be approached with our innovative technologies and materials, giving you the edge over competitors and helping you to develop the products and processes of the future.

Training Services

Lucideon trains people on all aspects of tile production, from pressing to decorating to firing schedules. We also provide training for buyers of ceramic tiles so that they are informed of the faults and pitfalls that ceramic tiles can have.