With years of experience in the traditional ceramics, tabletop and giftware industries, Lucideon can help you to comply with legislation, ensure your products are fit for purpose, gain a competitive advantage and solve product and process problems, quickly and cost-effectively.

Meet Our Ceramics Team:

» 300+ Years' Experience Between Them!

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» Reducing Pinholes - Eliminating Contamination at Source

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» Optimization of the Drying Process - a way to Maximize Process Efficiency and Product Quality

We provide materials development and testing and analysis for manufacturers, importers and retailers of:

  • Ceramic tableware
  • Glass
  • Pots & pans
  • Cutlery
  • Candles
  • Vases
  • Insulated products
  • Giftware.

Materials Formulation, Selection, Improvement

Whether for cost, supplier, performance, processing, quality or environmental reasons, we can help you to source new materials and formulate new materials with new properties.

Materials/Product/Process Improvement

Much of our work focuses on developing new and improving existing materials, products, processes and technologies.  We help you to add value to your products, differentiate them in the marketplace, optimize your processing route, to increase yield and reduce waste, and develop the next range of innovative products.

Innovation is central to what we do. We are currently working on a low energy firing technology for the Ceramics industry – you can read more about it here

Testing & Analysis

Through our UKAS ISO 17025:2005 accredited UK laboratories and approved laboratories overseas, we are able to offer full materials and product testing to international or industry standards for legislative, compliance, performance and failure analysis purposes.

Failure Analysis

Working with manufacturers, importers and retailers we use our full testing and analytical skills and consultancy experience to provide timely solutions to faults and failures in both development, manufacture and service.

Associated Test Methods:

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  • White paper

    Drying Processes - the Balance Between Efficiency and Product Quality

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  • White paper

    The Value of Drying - Choosing the Right Equipment and Methods

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  • Guidance Document

    Lucideon Guide to the New Standards for Tableware

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  • Guidance Document

    Lucideon Guide to the Performance Testing of Ceramic Dinnerware

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