Services Portfolio - Electronics

Quality Assurance Conventionally & Additively Manufactured Part Qualification Process Optimization Failure Analysis Innovation Materials Selection & Development

Failure Analysis

Using a combination of electron microscopy – for imaging and elemental analysis – and advanced surface science techniques for elemental mapping, surface compound analysis and depth profiling, our experts can analyze electronics and components for failures, including contamination and root cause analysis.  White Light Inferometry (WLI) can image a surface in 3D and measure the surface roughness and imperfections present – providing electronics manufacturers and users with an image that can be manipulated.

Innovative Sealing Glasses

The development of glasses for the sealing of electronic components requires specialist knowledge and expertise.  Our experts can devise new formulations, trial batches and consultation for the upscaling of production facilities to provide a full solution for implementing a new sealing glass in a production environment.

Process Optimization

Optimizing or reorganizing existing processes, or implementing new ones, provides the ideal opportunity to ensure that systems and processes are running at their most efficient.  Our processing experts can visit sites, audit production processes and recommend how to optimize electronic components processing facilities.  Optimization encompasses all stages of the electronic components manufacturing process, from raw materials selection through to decorating.

Quality Assurance

Using our extensive analytical capabilities, our experts provide regulatory testing to EU and international standards to ensure your product meet the latest production standards and regulatory requirements.  We also offer auditing of product processes and management certification systems to, e.g. ISO 9001 etc., to ensure compliance.

Materials Characterization

Do you know what all your materials are composed of?  Do you know how your materials perform under extreme conditions?  Whether benchmarking your products against those of your competitor, or simply measuring performance for data sheets or marketing purposes, Lucideon provides qualitative, quantitative and visual data to support a full understanding of your materials.

Materials Selection and Development

With a large array of materials available, choosing the most appropriate for your application can be a difficult and lengthy process. Lucideon's material selection service uses multiple data sources, materials analysis and our extensive application knowledge to provide the best choice for your application.  Using comprehensive analytical capabilities and pilot scale facilities, we can quickly turn an idea into a product ready for market, by working closely with your team to develop materials with the required properties for the required applications.