Legislation and globalisation are driving manufacturing and purchasing in the sanitaryware sector. Ensuring products are both fit for purpose and can be differentiated from those of the competition on both performance and price are crucial factors for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

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» 300+ Years' Experience Between Them!

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» Optimization of the Drying Process - a way to Maximize Process Efficiency and Product Quality

With years of experience in the sanitaryware industry, Lucideon can help you to comply with legislation, develop new and better products and solve product and process problems, quickly and cost-effectively.

Materials Development

  • Materials selection, sourcing, characterization and formulation
  • Raw material analysis
  • Materials and product development.

Processing Support

  • Yield/throughput improvement
  • Development of new, innovative manufacturing processes
  • Failure analysis – quick solutions to minimise downtime
  • QA/QC – to ensure product is right first time.

Testing & Characterization

  • Comprehensive testing capabilities – chemical, physical, microstructural, surface analysis
  • Fit for purpose and compliance testing
  • Solutions – not just numbers!

Failure Analysis

  • Identification of material, product and process faults
  • Analysis for product and process improvement.

Why Lucideon?

  • We have an unrivalled knowledge of sanitaryware and ceramics.
  • We are not just about science – we take materials from the innovation stage right through to industrial application – thanks to our development, prototyping and pilot plant capabilities.
  • Our comprehensive testing capabilities include chemical, physical, microstructural, QA/QC and surface analysis – we don’t just provide numbers though, we always provide analysis and support, helping you to produce better materials and products.

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    Drying Processes - the Balance Between Efficiency and Product Quality

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  • White paper

    The Value of Drying - Choosing the Right Equipment and Methods

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