Refractories Training

With extensive experience in the field of refractories, from failure investigations to product and process performance optimization, we deliver refractories training courses to companies worldwide.

The scheduled refractories training modules will take place at our Stoke-on-Trent headquarters; however the courses can always be customized and/or given on-site to meet individual business requirements.

The modules are suitable for those involved in a range of industries, including refractory and equipment manufacturers, users of refractories in high temperature processes, and refractory installers, suppliers, distributors and contractors.

Whether you are looking to refresh and update your understanding of refractories, have no prior or a basic knowledge, the modules are also highly beneficial to the more experienced whatever your business function, from technical and manufacturing, through to processing, marketing and sales.

Designed to be interactive, with the use of case studies, our tutor will draw upon his knowledge, skills and experience to provide attendees with the theory behind manufacturing processes. This will include design, materials and testing that can be applied to the everyday challenges faced by industry.

Module Summaries

The five refractory modules for 2017 cover materials and applications, properties and their links to performance, troubleshooting, design and QC during installation.

» Download the summaries for modules 1 - 4 here

» Download the summary for module 5 here

Course Materials

Course notes/workbooks are provided for each module/course. At the end of each module/course there will be a Q&A session which will allow attendees to review their learning and understanding. Attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss any technical challenges they may currently be facing.

Course Tutor

Find out about the course tutor below.

Jan Theron - Refractories Specialist
Expertise in: Refractory maintenance management, failure analysis, design evaluation, the use of finite element analysis/modelling (FEA/FEM), and training inspectors, commercial personnel and plant managers.

Forthcoming Modules at Lucideon’s Headquarters

Modules are limited to a maximum of 50 attendees. The open format allows delegates to discuss challenges and interact and share experiences with the trainer and other organizations.

Date Module Name Module No.
Wednesday 29 March 2017 Refractory Materials & Application Areas R1
Thursday 30 March 2017 Understanding Refractory Properties & Links to Performance R2
Wednesday 26 April 2017 Troubleshooting R3
Thursday 27 April 2017 Refractory Design 101: Fundamentals R4
Friday 19 May 2017 QC During Refractory Installation R5

Each module will run from 9:00am - 4:00pm (approximately).

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