Materials Characterization

Understanding your materials is central to optimizing their performance and the performance of your products, understanding why failures occur, and developing the products of the future.

At Lucideon we use our materials expertise and wide range of analytical capabilities to characterise your material chemically, micro structurally and physically so that you can understand its composition, structure and how it performs.

Materials characterization can assist with:

  • Identification of unknown material
  • Material verification
  • Material formulation
  • Alloy identification
  • Assessment of lot-to-lot variability
  • Evaluation of material equivalency
  • Contaminant source identification
  • Measurement of concentrations of undesired materials
  • Cleanliness evaluations
  • Materials selection
  • Independent third party evaluations
  • New material and product development/applications.

Our expertise in surface analysis allows us to tell you what is happening on the surface of your products and how they, and coatings, are interacting with their environment.

Want to understand your product? Our team is here to help.

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    Additive Manufacturing - A Metallurgical Perspective

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