Failure Analysis

Interpreting the story told by a failed material or component requires a disciplined and methodical analytical approach, combined with an understanding of materials science and engineering.

We are renowned for our special strengths in the systematic examination of evidence to find the root cause of failures and prevent them from recurring.

Lucideon offers that sophisticated mix.  We have the expertise, technology, and failure analysis experience to identify complex failure modes in parts, products, and materials.  Thanks to our wide range of analytical capabilities, we take an integrated approach to analyzing failures in metallic or non-metallic materials.

We quickly identify root causes of failures to:

  • Reduce down time
  • Prevent reoccurrences
  • Assess liability
  • Increase fundamental understanding of materials and equipment in your process
  • Aid product optimization and development.

We provide:

  • lifetime performance evaluation and profiling, including materials degradation during long-term storage
  • durability evaluation and profiling
  • failure analysis and root cause investigation
  • duty-cycle re-creation and bench evaluation
  • fracture, fatigue and rupture diagnosis and microstructure investigation
  • optical and electron-microscopy investigation and diagnosis
  • surface and bulk microstructure characterization
  • coating characterization of multi-functional surfaces and coatings, (topographical, chemical composition, depth profiling and multilayer resolution) - including diagnosis of delamination or debonding failures, leaching/migration problems and corrosion issues
  • chemical, physical and thermal testing and analysis
  • contamination identification and analysis
  • expert witness services.

To read more visit our dedicated Failure Analysis section.

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    Your Metal Component has Failed in Fatigue: What do you do next?

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    Failure Analysis of Plastic Products

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    Additive Manufacturing - A Metallurgical Perspective

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