Development Testing

We serve as an adjunct to or replacement for your in-house team for testing, evaluation and development of new materials and products. Because the full complement of testing services is available from a single source (chemical, thermal, mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, microstructural and physical), and is backed up by our materials development team, your R&D process is streamlined and your development cycles shortened.

  • Identification of Material Alternatives.
    We perform screening tests to determine whether materials, including alloys, ceramics, composite materials and functionally-gradient materials, are suitable for your application. We also help you find alternatives for a need that is not met by existing materials. And we simulate various types of loading, exposure, or thermal conditions to help you identify which materials are most suitable for a new product or design concept.
  • Characterization of New Materials.
    Partner with Lucideon to gain a complete understanding of the properties and behaviors of new materials.
  • Analysis of Surfaces and Coatings
    Our world-leading surface analysis team help you to understand how surfaces and coatings interact with each other and with their environment. Should failures occur, we pinpoint what has gone wrong, should failures. And we will work with you to determine the optimal amount of coating to use.
  • High temperature testing
    Lucideon offers high temperature testing up to 1600°C to determine the variation in mechanical properties for a range of advanced ceramic materials, such as nose cones. We can test for a wide range of properties, from compressive and flexural stress/strain to thermal conductivity and shock resistance.
  • Competitive Benchmarking.
    Reverse engineering helps you understand what materials and material treatments your competitors are using. We do testing and consulting to identify both the material used and the processing sequence.
  • Patent Support.
    Material testing and analysis is also critical to identify the unique characteristics of a material or product for patent filing or protection.

Let Lucideon serve as your innovation partner. Contact us for specific details on how we can assist your development program.

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