Aerospace & Defense

We work throughout the Aerospace and Defense supply chain, providing materials expertise - from testing and analysis to materials development and innovation.

As materials experts, we are ideally placed to develop hotter, lighter, safer, stronger and smarter solutions.

We provide high temperature testing up to 1600°C, as well as surface and coating characterization and corrosion analysis. Find out more about our full range of Testing and Analysis capabilities here

Innovation is key to what we do – characterizing, developing, modifying materials to produce better and new products and to comply with legislation (e.g. Chromium removal).

Our materials and process experts also offer a range of Additive Manufacturing supply chain and development support - from materials/powders development and process optimization to quality validation and assurance - with an aim to accelerate additive applications.  Find out more here

Aerospace & Defense Projects:

  • Design and development of thermal barrier coatings, layers and components
  • Analysis of high temperature materials, e.g. for use in turbine blades
  • Materials innovation for stronger and lighter protective personnel and vehicle armour
  • Materials selection, integrated component design and testing for extreme temperature and shock in operation
  • Surface contamination analysis and solution design for PCB manufacture
  • Corrosion analysis
  • Rational materials selection and design for minimised environmental impacts
  • Guidance on materials selection and design for legislation
  • Component design and near net shape fabrication processes
  • Detailed material failure analysis of engine and airframe components.

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  • White paper

    Additive Manufacturing - A Metallurgical Perspective

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  • White paper

    How Surface Characterization is Helping the Aerospace Industry to Achieve Environmental Targets

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  • White paper

    The Growth of Ceramics in Aerospace and Defence

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  • White paper

    Lucideon’s Guide to Composites

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