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Rheology & Powder Processing

Whether powders are your final product or a part of your manufacturing process, having the right powder properties is crucial to your product performance.  Our experts can help you to optimize both powder properties and processing steps, and implement improved quality control to maintain your standards.

Rheology measures how materials flow under applied shear.  We provide rheological characterization and viscosity measurements across the full range of shear rates encountered in production, from pouring or gentle mixing through to spraying and spinning.

Benefits of rheological characterization include:

  • Higher yields
  • Improved end-product performance
  • Reduced waste creation
  • Faster process routes
  • Fast introduction of new products and benchmarking.

Typical applications:

  • Identification of processing issues involving suspensions, i.e. casting, filtering, pumping, spraying, spinning, centrifuging, general liquid solid separation
  • Characterization of material structures
  • Batch to batch dispersion uniformity
  • Aggregation and aging problems
  • Appraisal of new surfactants/additives
  • Benchmarking of products
  • End product performance
  • Identification and validation of new and established QA/QC procedures.

Powder Processing

Our optimization services include:

  • Laser Diffraction and SEM for particle size, number, and shape
  • XRF and SEM to analyse chemical composition and purity
  • XRD to understand crystal structure
  • Analysing and optimizing zeta potential and rheology by changing pH levels and use of additives
  • In depth measurement of “downstream” intermediate products, e.g strength measurement of pressed granulate products and appraisal of powder coating thickness
  • Factorial Experimental Design (FED) to demonstrate strong correlations between powder and end-product properties
  • Design and validation of QC protocols.

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