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Product Claim Support

If you’re looking to prove the performance of your wound care product then non-standard testing may be required, especially if your product offers a novel solution.  We can develop and validate your methods to help you substantiate your product claims, both visually and quantitatively.

From adhesion to anti-microbial coatings, Lucideon's independent testing can help to support your claims, giving you a competitive edge.

Our wound care claim substantiation service includes:

  • Development of new test methods to either simulate in vivo conditions or enable better tracking, etc.
  • Expert testing and analysis to help you gain insights into your product’s properties
  • 3D imaging of your product at work - a strong marketing tool for advertising
  • Quantitative, scientific evidence for product claims.

We have developed a range of technologies for wound care applications including:

  • Bioactive glasses – adding function to products
  • Controlled release platform – prolonging the action of actives
  • Novel antimicrobial materials – adding function.

Claim Substantiation for Regulatory Support

If you need to prepare for regulatory submission it helps to have the people in the know on your side.  We provide quality data and technical support with full documentation.

Some examples of what we do:

  • Develop and write the testing protocol for regulatory submissions
  • Compare dossiers from one regulatory submission against the requirements of another
  • Establish and validate cleaning processes
  • Characterize new materials for biocompatibility and benchmarking
  • Full mechanical testing including fatigue
  • Establish substantial equivalence
  • Validate FEA models, by testing to failure or using our new 3D-strain service.

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