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Material Characterization

In wound care applications it is important to understand your materials, their composition, key properties and how they behave.  At Lucideon we provide the answers with qualitative, quantitative and visual data to support a full understanding of your materials.

The key to improving performance, developing future products and preventing failures is understanding what materials are made from, their structure and properties and how they interact with each other and their environment.

Material characterization helps:

  • Source the right material – finding the balance between robustness, functionality, effectiveness and compatibility
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Develop new products and applications
  • Confirm the quality and purity of your materials
  • Solve material and product failures
  • Defend product claims
  • Reverse engineer competitor products
  • Develop and validate processes
  • Identify contaminants and determine where they have been introduced.

We provide testing and consultancy services, working alongside your manufacturing or research and development teams to take a closer look at your materials to:

  • Understand and resolve surface/coating failure or wear
  • Gain insight about surface/interface interactions
  • Improve or validate your material surface or coating
  • Perform storage stability, shelf life testing and accelerated ageing studies
  • Visualize the surface structure or coating
  • Study the elemental and molecular structure of your material’s surface
  • Perform extractables testing
  • Evaluate degradation products caused by chemical and thermal ageing.

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