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Controlled Release Technologies

The next generation of wound care will offer greater antimicrobial and tissue repairing activity.  We have the technologies to control the release of key actives, making delivery more efficient and reducing the number of reapplications required.

Controlled release of actives can help to reduce wastage of key ingredients, delivering them over a period of time that is suitable for the purpose.  When it comes to wound care it can be highly beneficial to minimize disruption to the healing wound.

Tailoring Release from Minutes to Months

Our controlled release platform, iCRT, enables immediate, modified and extended release of formulations by manipulating the properties of inorganic materials.  The smart carrier utilizes a range of triggers such as time, pH and moisture to deliver drugs to achieve more specific profiles, such as pulsatile and delayed release.  Release can be sustained for several months, if necessary, for injectable formulations.

iCRT is highly flexible, with various final forms including coating, liquid and powder, and can be tailored to deliver both small and large molecule drugs:

  • Controllable, superior release (minutes to months)
  • Non-polymeric (no toxic degradation products)
  • Flexible to your product needs
  • High loading capacity
  • Can deliver zero order release
  • Complementary to or an alternative to freeze drying.

How The Technology Works

iCRT allows the drug to be introduced into an inorganic amorphous matrix and subsequently encapsulated by two key approaches:

iCRT Technology
  1. iCRT Technology
  2. Release via diffusion from an inert insoluble matrix.

Release via dissolution of soluble carrier matrix and consequent release of actives from particle pores.

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