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Testing & Characterization for the Healthcare Sector

We expand beyond the standard testing protocols and push the boundaries of what's possible.

From mapping the chemical profiles on material surfaces and efficacy testing for microbes, to wear testing of orthopedic implants, our materials expertise is helping some of the industry's most innovative companies to optimize products, develop new materials and overcome issues.

We provide accurate and reliable data with in-depth interpretation for all your materials and devices.

We test and characterize a full range of properties and analyze the chemical makeup of your materials and products, the distribution of actives, the composition of staining or contamination and more. We also test for physical and mechanical properties and have the expertise to understand how all of the key properties and structures of your materials and products contribute to their overall performance.

Our world-leading surface science team measures quantitative and qualitative surface properties on a wide range of materials. Material surfaces provide important performance characteristics and often functional properties too. Characterizing the surface of materials is important to understanding performance and how a product interacts with its environment. Surface science analysis is also a powerful tool in analyzing how active ingredients are deposited, investigating wear patterns and helping to substantiate product performance claims.

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