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We dedicate our internal R&D to developing novel technologies that solve industry challenges. We form strategic partnerships with the healthcare sector to innovate and commercialize technologies and products.

iCRT (inorganic Controlled Release Technology)

Tailoring release

  • Our materials research forms the basis of our drug delivery work and product line
  • iCRT (inorganic Controlled Release Technology) has been developed by our experts for delivery of key actives.


Enhanced biocompatibility and bioactivity

  • Multi-substituted hydroxyapatite for bone/tooth replacement, repair and drug delivery applications.

VPP (Viscous Plastic Processing)

A unique technology by expert ceramicists

  • The VPP (Viscous Plastic Processing) technique produces ceramics and composites with improved properties by eliminating microstructure defects and breaking down agglomerates.

Flash Sintering

A world first

  • A low-energy ceramic processing technology, based on the application of an electric field to the ceramic body during sintering.

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