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Powder Processing Consultancy

Lucideon provides powder consultancy to a wide range of industries and clients, including medical device manufacturers and suppliers. At Lucideon we understand how important it is that your powder processing routes are optimized at the front end to provide maximum yields and best quality products.

We have extensive experience in the fields of glass, ceramic and metal powders and provide expert consultancy services, analysis and development of powder-related products. Our optimization services include:

  • Laser Diffraction and SEM for particle size, number, and shape
  • XRF and SEM to analyse chemical composition and purity
  • XRD to understand crystal structure
  • Analysing and optimizing zeta potential and rheology by changing pH levels and use of additives
  • In depth measurement of “downstream” intermediate products, e.g strength measurement of pressed granulate products and appraisal of powder coating thickness
  • Factorial Experimental Design (FED) to demonstrate strong correlations between powder and end-product properties
  • Design and validation of QC protocols.

Previous work with the medical device manufacturers and suppliers includes:

  • Optimizing refractory slurries to minimise losses in investment casting of alloy implants
  • Maximizing yields of calcium phosphate phases subsequently processed as dental/bone cements
  • Optimizing the zeta potential of multi-phase powder suspensions to prevent agglomeration and collapsing of foam structures
  • Functionalizing powder surface chemistry to encourage homogenous dispersion and cohesion with organic phases of composite products.

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