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Vascular Device Failure Analysis

Failure analysis helps to identify the why’s of product failure, Lucideon helps to identify the solution. Our vascular device failure analysis testing predicts and reduces failure risks in application. We also perform root cause identification to determine how vascular devices have failed, in application or in tests.

By utilizing the expertise here at Lucideon you can get your vascular devices to market faster by troubleshooting development hurdles quickly. We work with our partners to understand their device failures, helping them optimize performance, catalyze product development and ensure patient safety.

Our failure analysis and root cause investigation services include:

  • Fracture, fatigue and rupture diagnosis and microstructure investigation
  • Evaluation of corrosive failures
  • Characterization of surfaces and coatings
  • Identification and root cause of contamination
  • Evaluation of process issues and process optimization
  • Chemical, physical, mineralogical and thermal analysis
  • Accelerated performance testing to predict failures
  • Digital imaging technologies to characterize strains during testing – 3D-Strain.

We work with you to analyze failures quickly and effectively, whether after use, during manufacture or at the R&D stage of product development.

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