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We dedicate our internal R&D to developing novel technologies that solve industry challenges, and form strategic partnerships with the healthcare sector to help innovate and commercialize technologies and products.

iCRT (inorganic Controlled Release Technology)

  • Tailored release allows you to control the rate of active delivery with a high level of precision
  • Our materials research forms the basis of our drug delivery work and product line
  • iCRT (inorganic Controlled Release Technology) has been developed by our experts for delivery of key actives.


Are you working with sensitive compounds and need a technology to protect them?

Organic molecules can impart beneficial functionality to products, but are often sensitive to “harsh” environments, including:

  • High temperatures
  • Extreme pH
  • Chemical attack
  • Strong ionic concentrations
  • Exposure to organic solvents.

Many encapsulation technologies are also organic (polymer) based, making them of little use for applications where shielding or protection is desired – either during processing/manufacturing, or in the end application/in use.

Lucideon’s encapsulation and controlled release technology platforms (iCRT) use inorganic materials, such as silicate- and phosphate- based glasses or ceramics.  Naturally, these materials are much more resistant to extreme environments.

Abuse Deterrent Technology

iCRT-deter is Lucideon’s patent-pending, oral drug delivery platform technology that provides abuse deterrent controlled release properties.

Products that use iCRT-deter retain their controlled-release properties during conventional tampering methods such as chewing, crushing and heating.

Key abuse deterrent features include:

  • Extremely hard structure that is very difficult to crush without specialist grinding
  • Particulate technology that allows individual particles to retain their properties even if crushed from a tablet
  • Extremely high melting point (1000°C+) to deter injection, as melting the carrier will destroy the drug
  • Low solubility and large particle sizes unsuitable for injection through suspension
  • Equal or significantly reduced drug dissolution in alcoholic media and other household solvents.

iCRT-deter technology incorporates active molecules within the nanoporous matrix.  A coating can also be added to the formulated product to add extra protection and increase the control over release rates.  Aversive agents can also be added if the coating is broken to aid abuse deterrence.

These include:

  • Unpleasant tastes to deter oral consumption after the tablet is broken
  • Waxy additives to stick together crushed powder, making nasal inhalation difficult
  • Color leaching in liquids, to deter spiking of drinks.


  • Enhanced biocompatibility and bioactivity
  • Multi-substituted hydroxyapatite for bone/tooth replacement, repair and drug delivery applications.

VPP (Viscous Plastic Processing)

  • A unique technology by expert ceramicists
  • The VPP (Viscous Plastic Processing) technique produces ceramics and composites with improved properties by eliminating microstructure defects and breaking down agglomerates.

Flash Sintering

  • A world first
  • A low-energy ceramic processing technology, based on the application of an electric field to the ceramic body during sintering.

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