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Support for Orthopaedic Implant Manufacturers

What can Lucideon do for you?

Regulatory Strategy & Testing

We provide quality data and technical support with full documentation.  In the heavily scrutinized area of medical implant regulations it is reassuring to have experts on your side, who have prior experience of performing the tests.

Wear Testing & Tribology

We offer wear testing and tribology, plus supporting services, for hip, knee, shoulder, spine, ankle and other implants.

HA Coating Validation

Our experts can provide detailed analysis and method development to ensure your coating applications are consistent and adequate.  We can measure the chemical, mechanical and microstructural properties of the materials.

Cleaning & Sterilization Validation

We provide validation of single use implant cleaning and sterilization processes (for implants delivered in a sterile state) as well as validation of reusable implant cleaning, reprocessing and sterilization.

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