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Static & Fatigue Testing

If you need a cost effective and comprehensive static & fatigue testing service from a reliable, ISO-17025 accredited supplier, then we are a partner you can trust.  We'll ensure your orthopaedic devices are fit for purpose over the lifetime of the implant.

If you are looking to:

  • Simulate and evaluate the static & fatigue loading performance of your new orthopaedic devices
  • Compare a new design with an existing one
  • Outsource your orthopaedic implant static & fatigue testing to accelerate new product developments and avoid in-house delays
  • Find a supplier that can provide a comprehensive service and the full suite of information you require for your regulatory submission
  • Visualize the areas of your device that take the main force of stresses and strains
  • Understand failure mechanisms.

Then we can help.

We offer:

  • Simulated static & fatigue testing
  • Fatigue and mechanical testing of hip, knee, shoulder, spine, ankle, and other implants
  • Polymer aging to ASTM F2003.

Static Testing

We perform static testing for your orthopaedic devices to simulate real world loading of implants.  We gradually increase the loading on your devices and push them to failure to evaluate their fitness for purpose and that they meet regulatory requirements.

Fatigue Testing

Our fatigue testing service sees your orthopaedic implants put through a series of defined applied forces until failure.  These tests are designed to simulate repetitive forces that are likely to be applied to your device once implanted.  We test to regulatory standards and, when available standards aren't suitable, our expert team can develop standards designed specifically for your implants.

Using supporting analytical capabilities we track the stresses and strains on your devices so you can see the areas where failures begin.  With real time analysis we provide visuals of the failures in action, along with the supporting data and interpretation.  These advanced analyses help to inform future R&D as well as being used in regulatory support of your current devices.

3DStrain Testing

3DStrain can deliver non-destructive, full-field surface strain measurements on objects under load.  We deliver movement tracking at the pixel level on devices, for a range of sizes on complex geometries.

We deliver full analytical interpretation of the data while 3DStrain also produces visual results that show how strains and cracks develop and grow, up to the point of failure.

Lucideon’s 3DStrain service offers you detailed digital imagery showing the displacement on your product, correlated against a no-load condition.

Key features include:

  • Quantitative results: calibrated images provide strain or displacement in three dimensions
  • Portable system: readily transportable and can be applied in Lucideon's or client facilities
  • Versatile: can be applied to virtually any material of almost any geometry, under static or dynamic loads
  • Non-Contacting and Non-Destructive: enables proof-testing of components without damage.

We also have a representative in Asia, the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre.  They can be contacted on Tel: +852 2666 1888, Email: hkstc@hkstc.org

STC Medical Device Services

Through a partnership with Lucideon STC provides regulatory support, materials analysis, product classification, testing, registration and licensing of joint medical devices.  In collaboration with Lucideon, they are able to provide a one-stop medical device service.

To find out more about the services that Lucideon can offer via STC please visit the STC website (in English) or (in Chinese).

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