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The use of orthobiologics in bone and tissue repair and implant integration is an important factor in modern healthcare, helping the body to heal faster and more effectively.

The structure and composition of your materials is vital to their performance and at Lucideon we provide materials testing and characterization services that deliver detailed analysis of chemical compositions, mechanical structures and performance and surface properties.

Testing and analysis can determine the effectiveness of your materials and their suitability for implantation into the body.  Advanced analytical technologies can be applied to compare like for like product performance, aid research and development and quantify the effects of biologics on the target area.


A consultancy style approach allows us to delve into your projects, grasp the background, the challenges you face now and your aims for the future.  Throughout your product life cycle and beyond we can operate as an extension to your team to save time, reduce project length and provide insight through testing and analysis.


Our in-house technologies focus on developing novel materials that offer benefits such as controlled release, antimicrobial properties and bioactive properties.

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