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Lucideon to Present at Sol-Gel Conference

Lucideon is presenting papers at the 19th International Sol-Gel Conference in Liege, Belgium.  The conference will run from the 3rd – 8th September.

Dr Gilda Gasparini, chemical engineer, and Dr Mark Cresswell, senior scientist, from Lucideon's healthcare department will both present papers.  Gilda will present on 'Scale up of a sol-gel particle technology for pharmaceutical applications' and Mark will talk about 'Microporous sol-gel silica and co-condensed silica as new materials for enabling delivery of challenging active pharmaceutical ingredients'.

Gilda Gasparini said:

"Sol-gel technology is an exciting area of research being applied to many areas for numerous different applications.  Myself and Mark Cresswell work on projects for the healthcare sector and our main focus is on controlling the release of active ingredients."

"There are a lot of reasons to control the release of excipients, and whether for pharmaceuticals, medical devices or new medical materials, controlled release technology is becoming ever more important.  We will be discussing Lucideon's iCRT platform for excipient delivery, focusing on the benefits it offers, including highly controlled and tailored release rates and a suite of abuse-deterrent properties."

Lucideon performs materials development, testing and analysis services for a wide range of sectors including healthcare.  Its materials experts have developed a portfolio of in-house materials technologies, including Lucideon’s delivery platform iCRT.  Lucideon works closely with industry partners to develop these technologies into market disrupting products.

01 April, 2017

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