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Knowledge Transfer Partnership Research Associate Appointment

Lucideon has welcomed David Shepherd in the role of KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) Research Associate. The role has been created by Lucideon with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The Partnership will focus on Lucideon's product development and analytical offering, and explore new techniques of interest to advance products in innovation areas such as antibacterial materials.

David joins from De Montfort University, where he was a Research Development Officer helping Academics in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences to develop research proposals to a variety of funders. Prior to this, he had been a researcher at the University of Cambridge where he also earned his PhD.

David's research background covers a broad range of biomaterials from natural polymers to Bioceramics. He was responsible for synthesizing and producing various collagen-based materials, and has been involved in testing the biological responses of various materials. His primary interests lie in bone replacement materials, and he has worked on creating novel scaffold designs with collagen and created a way of locating the position of cells in scaffold structures using Micro-CT.

The collaborative project will investigate new techniques that complement Lucideon's portfolio of analytical capabilities, to provide an extended service offering to product manufacturers. David’s work will include exploring cell testing methods to provide rapid test results during the research and development phase of materials innovation.

A successful conclusion will help to speed up materials innovation and product development for Lucideon's partners in the medical, consumer and pharmaceutical manufacturing space.

13 May, 2021

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