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Post Processing Issues Associated with Metallic Medical Components

Webinar Series

Post-processing of medical devices is an important part of the manufacturing process to ensure products are clean, structurally and chemically stable, and in some cases to improve aesthetics.

There are a wide range of post-processing treatments for medical devices. The best option for each device will depend on many factors, such as: material, manufacturing technique, final application and product geometry, and understanding the processes and key factors is crucial to achieving the best finish.

This webinar series, hosted by our leading metallurgy expert Julius Bonini, will take a broad look at the range of treatments available and the typical effects of each. Julius will discuss how each process is used, and its pros and cons, for traditional manufacturing techniques and for additive manufacturing processes.

Part one, which was presented on 12 March 2020, covered the process of machining, blasting & polishing and looked at the initial cleaning of products coming off the manufacturing line.

Julius is a leading authority on all things metallurgy in the healthcare, aerospace, automotive and energy industries, and consults on projects for many of the biggest companies across the globe.

The Series:

Part 1: Machining, Blasting, Polishing and Initial Cleaning (broadcast on 12 March 2020).

Part 2: Thermal Treatment – HIPing and Heat Treatment (broadcast on 22 April 2020).

Part 3: Surface Treatments & Coatings (broadcast on 10 June 2020).

Part 4: Final Cleaning, Sterilization & Packaging (date TBC).

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