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Wear Testing - Load-Control vs. Displacement-Control

What the Standards Don't Tell You

Webinar Recording

Broadcast date: 7 June ​2018

This webinar on orthopaedic wear testing of knee components focuses on ISO 14243 and how to select a test mode for your design.

Here, in the second part of our “What the Standards Don’t Tell You” series, we dig a little deeper into ISO 14243, the wear testing standard for total knee replacements. Not every knee replacement is made equal, nor is every knee system suitable for every patient. How do you know that your design is being tested for its intended application?

Leah Guenther, Commercial Engineer for Orthopaedics at Lucideon, provides guidance on how to determine the most appropriate test mode for your knee replacement system, and how to adapt the standard to your knee design to achieve meaningful results.

The webinar includes:

  • Differences between load and displacement-controlled testing
  • How to choose the most appropriate test mode based on design elements
  • How to adapt the standards to different knee replacement designs and applications

This webinar will be of interest to anyone involved in the research, development, testing and regulatory aspects of knee implants. The webinar will also be of interest to anybody involved in other kinds of orthopaedic implants, as we discuss how the standards can be adapted to suit the specifics of your device.

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