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Your Metal Component Has Failed in Fatigue - What do you do next?

Webinar Recording

Presented by Julius Bonini, Principal Consultant, Metallurgy, the webinar provides a blueprint for the typical procedures that should be applied when a component fails in fatigue.

  • What are the correct initial steps that a responsible engineer should take when a fatigue failure occurs?
  • What documentation should be collected?
  • How should the actual components be handled?
  • What should be submitted to a qualified analysis laboratory or engineer for evaluation?

This webinar demonstrates what fracture surface analysis can do to help clarify what might have gone wrong.  A description of the type of results that can be expected from fracture surface analysis is provided, from identifying the fracture initiation site to fracture propagation mode through the various stages of crack propagation.  How fatigue striation measurement and analysis can estimate the applied load at time of failure is also described.  Finally, a few case studies are presented to show how proper examination methods can be applied.  Examples of typical fracture surface evaluations are also provided.

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