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Malcolm Rose

Expertise in: Chemical analysis including gas & liquid chromatography, FTIR, organic chemistry, method development & validation

Senior Development Chemist

Malcolm holds a BSc (Hons) Chemistry 2i awarded by Polytechnic of Wales

Malcolm Rose

Before joining Lucideon, Malcolm had worked as Principle Analyst, Organic Chemisty for Harwell Scientifics Ltd. and as an Analyst of Water Supply, Organics for Severn Trent Laboratories.

Malcolm has over 20 years experience in chemical analysis, mainly looking at organic compounds, and experience in a wide range of analytical techniques. In his current role Malcolm performs chemical analysis using a variety of instrumental techniques including GC, GCMS, HPLC, HPLC-MS, and FTIR. He is also involved in method development and validation, project management, the production of test reports and the provision of technical support to both the sales team and customers.

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