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George Jones

Expertise in: Elemental analysis including plasma-source spectroscopy, ion chromatography, wet chemistry, method development & validation

Development Scientist, Chemistry

George holds a BSc (Applied Chemistry) from Curtin University. George started his career in the minerals industry in Australia before a time in the environmental sector, finally joining Lucideon in 2010.

George Jones

George has almost 20 years of experience in materials testing, with a variety of analytical techniques; particularly ICP-OES/MS, and also has experience of a range of extractive metallurgy processes including; cyanidation (including CIL), floatation, bio-leaching, solvent extraction, magnetic and electrostatic separation, and pressure acid leaching.

As part of the Development Team, George is involved in method development and validation (particularly of medical devices and pharmaceutical products), the production of test reports, and the provision of technical support to both internal and external customers.

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