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Toughened Dental Ceramics

We are working on developing innovative dental materials and manufacturing processes to take dental ceramic products for the next generation.  If you're looking to be first-to-market with the latest dental material technologies then working with us will help get you there.

At Lucideon we are the first company to create commercial scale capabilities for the application of Flash Sintering (FS).  Applications are endless, but Lucideon's focus for medical implants and orthopaedics has been to improve the toughness of advanced ceramics e.g. alumina and zirconia.

Dental implants need to be robust to withstand the relatively harsh mechanical and chemical conditions of the mouth.  Ceramic materials offer a strong, biocompatible and largely unreactive material making them popular for use in dental applications.  Lucideon's sintering technology has allowed its experts to focus on toughening advanced ceramic materials for use in dental implants.

Using commercially available raw materials, Lucideon has shown that with a certain set of parameters, we can increase the fracture toughness of the materials by over 35% compared to conventionally sintered equivalents.  This enables significant design modifications and improved durability for advanced ceramics, such as dental implants.

Please contact us to learn how we can help you to exploit this technology development to your advantage.

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