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Manufacturing & Process Optimization

Every stage of manufacturing and processing can affect your final product and increase costs.  At Lucideon we have the expertise to optimize each stage to ensure you get your desired outcome and achieve the highest levels of efficiency throughout.

Working with you from the concept stage, we advise on:

  • Materials selection
  • How materials will interact with each other and with different environments
  • How materials will perform under different conditions and in different applications
  • How to ensure products perform optimally
  • How failures can be avoided and/or rectified.

Product Optimization and R&D support

Our experts work side-by-side with R&D and engineering teams to help bring novel or improved products to the market.  For example, maybe you are:

  • Changing your manufacturing process and want to know whether the properties will be retained
  • Adding a new coating and want to understand the impact
  • Developing a new design that needs validating.

Process Optimization

We help you to optimize your processes to ensure yields are consistent and that waste and failures are kept to a minimum.

Lab to Pilot Scale

We have pilot scale testing facilities to scale up from the lab to the pilot and then onto the manufacturing scale.

Additive Manufacturing

We have helped Additive Manufacturers with:

  • Starting powder characteristics (size, flow, composition) and the impact on the AM process
  • Validating cleanliness of AM parts and cleaning protocol development
  • Determining which quality control measures are really important for AM products vs. traditional processing routes
  • Studying how AM affects the microstructure of your products and how can it be improved
  • Residual debris within porous structures and how it can be removed.

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