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Composite Adhesive Development

From extending your product life and adherence properties, to developing novel and composite materials with additional functionality, we develop materials for the next generation of dental products.

Product Optimization and R&D Support

Our experts work side-by-side with R&D and engineering teams to help bring novel or improved products to the market.


We have developed a series of technology platforms to meet industry needs, including new chemistries to improve longevity and bioactivity of restorations and adhesives.

Working with ceramic materials? Working with ceramic materials? Learn more about Flash Sintering - our processing technology for faster, controlled sintering of ceramics.

Bioactive Adhesives & Cements

Through a series of confidential projects, Lucideon is working with medical adhesives and composites companies to develop bioactive composites that help reduce damage from disease or bacterial or chemical attack, and subsequently repair damaged tissue by replacing critical elements and stimulating cellular repair mechanisms.

Novel Composites & Bioresorbable Materials

We develop and optimize composite processing technologies, including selecting and developing the right materials for your composite, to tailor mechanical properties and biodegradation rate.

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