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Stability Optimization

At Lucideon, we help you understand any instabilities your product may have, investigate reformulation options and work with you to design new products with a better shelf-life.  We perform troubleshooting, offer consultancy, and design experimental studies to investigate and enhance your product stability.

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Helping to Stabilize Your Products, from Formulation to Storage

Overtime the mix of ingredients in consumer products can react with each other, potentially losing functionality or seeing a deterioration in aesthetic qualities such as appearance and feel.  Improving the stability of products helps our clients instill consumers with a sense of confidence that their products are consistently high quality.

Formulation stability during development, manufacturing and storage is essential to product efficacy and safety.  Our stability platform offers a unique delivery technology and a range of strategies designed to tackle the various types of stability issues your formulation team may face.

Our Technology:

  • Provides alternative to freeze drying
  • Is an inert carrier
  • Can be tailored for various molecules
  • Has a high loading capacity
  • Also provides controlled release properties.

Example Applications:

  • Enteric-coated products
  • High concentration of actives
  • Protecting sensitive molecules.

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