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Skin Care Product Technology & Innovation

Whether you want to optimize skin care product properties, analyze the distribution of active ingredients, find suitable replacements for your current formulations or push the boundaries with innovation, we will help.  Our expert team is on hand when you need a fresh perspective to develop the best results from your skin care products.

From better moisturizing action, to added luster and improved ‘feel’, we are working to develop solutions that will give your skin care products an advantage.  Our technologies have been developed for a range of products, including deodorants, moisturizers, sun creams, color cosmetics and fragrances.

Our technologies offer performance enhancement such as:

  • Controlled release – sustained release of actives
  • Fragrance encapsulation – prolonged effect
  • Stability enhancement – increased shelf life
  • Novel antimicrobial materials – replacement of unfavourable antimicrobials
  • Microbead alternatives – skin and environment friendly abrasives with added functionality.

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