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We help consumer healthcare and cosmetic product manufacturers formulate, and reformulate, products to improve performance and deliver a better experience for the consumer.  From troubleshooting formulation issues to developing novel functionalities with our in-house technologies we deliver innovation for manufacturers looking to lead in their market.

Whether you need to reformulate to meet new regulations, keep up with market developments or stay ahead of the competition, our reformulation service helps manufacturers maintain the properties they want while providing the added benefits of stability, mechanical, optical and chemical performance.  We  help to develop new formulations and methods, and test for efficacy and safety.

Consumer Healthcare and Cosmetic Product Troubleshooting

When developing formulations throws up challenges, we work closely with formulation teams and manufacturers to troubleshoot the issues.  We work as an on-hand extension, providing expertise and solutions to overcome any issues.  Our wide ranging experience, depth of materials expertise and fresh perspective helps manufacturers to troubleshoot their problems quickly and effectively, saving time, costs and helping them to get to market faster.

Examples of our troubleshooting work includes:

  • Extending product shelf life
  • Stabilizing formulations
  • Reducing manufacturing steps
  • Optimizing manufacturing procedures
  • Scale up from bench top formulation to industrial scale
  • Improving product properties.

Consumer Healthcare Technologies

Our technologies are developed to meet the demands of the industries we serve.  For consumer healthcare and cosmetic products we focus on developing technologies that enhance your products.  If you're interested in extending the functionality of your products, controlling the release profile of active ingredients or introducing novel aesthetic properties  to your products, then please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Creativity Meets Focus

We act as an extension to your in-house R&D teams, focusing on solutions for your consumers.  We have the creative culture that allows both innovation and invention and the focus to take projects from concept to finish, with maximum efficiency.

Innovation Sessions

Join our team for a free of charge Innovation Session and explore what solutions we have to offer - whether it’s for an entirely new concept or optimization and extension of your marketed healthcare products.

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