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Packaging Analysis

From extractables and leachables testing, to analyzing failures, our testing and analysis expertise can ensure your packaging is robust, safe and maintains its function. Whether your packaging offers a long shelf life, anti-microbial properties or protection against extreme conditions, we can test to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

Packaging failures for personal and home care products can impact both manufacturing productivity and consumer confidence. At Lucideon, we work quickly and effectively to understand failures and provide real, working solutions.

We provide a fast and effective service to identify the source and prevent reoccurrence. Other analyses can inform product development by helping you understand why your packaging has not performed to the expected standard, and how it may interact with the product inside. For example, using surface analysis techniques we can detect traces of contamination in your product, packaging and processes.

These techniques can be used for accelerated stability testing. One issue faced by many manufacturers is that a product can pass stability testing and still fail over time. Accelerated stability testing allows product performance to be analyzed for long term robustness without creating unnecessary delays in getting your product to market. It is used to help consider and understand the impact of unusual storage conditions that may be out of your control as the supplier.

Our experts can also reverse engineer packaging and perform rigorous pre-market testing to ensure the quality and robustness of packaging.

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