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Encapsulation & Delivery

Our controlled release and encapsulation technologies are able to load even poorly soluble actives into carriers that can be modified to control release rates and react, or remain unreactive, to environmental stimuli.  Our technologies can control the release time of fragrances or active ingredients, for example in deodorants, to prolong the effect of your products.  In addition to release, our technologies can work to protect actives from manufacturing or in-use environments.

Organic molecules impart beneficial functionality to products, but are often sensitive to "harsh" environments, including:

  • High temperatures
  • Extreme pH
  • Chemical attack
  • Strong ionic concentrations
  • Exposure to organic solvents.

Many encapsulation technologies are also organic (polymer) based, making them of little use for applications where shielding or protection is desired – either during processing/manufacturing, or in the end application/in use.

Lucideon's encapsulation and controlled release technology platforms (iCRT) use inorganic materials, such as silicate- and phosphate- based glasses or ceramics.  Naturally, these materials are much more resistant to extreme environments:

Property Application/Benefit
8 Very high melting temperatures (>1000°C)                High temperature applications e.g. combustion processes, high temperature or exothermic catalytic reactions, cooking ingredients
Selective and tailored solubility in aqueous vs. organic solvents Process steps often involve organic solvents e.g. ethanol, so having a temporary shield could improve yield and storage stability
Tailored solubility at different extremes of pH or ionic strength Many products are made in extreme pH, or even exist in extreme pH e.g. cleaning solutions and detergents – encapsulating the active ingredient during storage could improve efficacy

Not only can iCRT encapsulate materials, but it is also a controlled release technology, and the release rate of your ingredient can be tailored from minutes to months, to suit your application.

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