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Efficacy Testing - Consumer Products

At Lucideon we offer efficacy testing to quantitatively determine how effective your preservative or anti-microbial products are. Products under repeated use, where containers are repeatedly opened and exposed to microbials, are good examples of where efficacy testing is of benefit.

We perform antimicrobial effectiveness testing (AET or PET (Preservative Efficacy Testing)) on an array of products including, but not limited to, oral products, parenterals, health supplements, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, sanitaryware, cleaning products and cosmetics.

We validate the removal/resistance to build up of bacteria, mould, fungi, and other soils on a range of materials, formulations and surfaces. We can also check that the preservatives you use are kept within the recommended limits, to ensure there are no risks of toxicity to the user.

We test to industry and regulatory standards for antimicrobial properties, including pharmacopeial standards (e.g. USP<51>), or to your own internally developed methods. We can also develop customized, validated test methods when off-the-shelf solutions won’t do.

Testing such as minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), time kill, and zone of inhibition testing, can also form part of our studies.

We have our own range of antimicrobial materials and technologies that could help you make a breakthrough with your new product developments.

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