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Custom Method Development

We develop custom methods that prove your product's function, performance and properties to satisfy you, and regulators, that your product is fit for purpose. Moreover, the results produced can help to market the benefits of your products compared to your competitors'.

In the consumer products industry, there are rarely standard test methods available. We combine our expertise in analytical science, with a sound understanding of what you are trying to achieve, and a portfolio of previous projects, to use as a platform to develop your solution.

Examples of our work include:

Oral Care Method Development

  • Developed a method to simulate contamination and mechanical stresses faced by denture pastes, to enable evaluation of the bond strength and quality of the "seal" between the denture and gum
  • Designed a dentine mimic to overcome the issue of dentine variability, developed a method of cycling the pH and other aspects of the environment, and assessed the extent of erosion on the surface following different treatments.

Home Care Method Development

  • Designed and synthesized a soap scum mimic and artificially contaminated typical dishwasher surfaces, replicated dishwasher conditions with different treatments, and assessed the resulting cleanliness of the surface.

Hair Care Method Development

  • Developed a method of tracking the penetration of certain actives into hair and measuring the extent of deposition and penetration into the original surface, overcoming the obstacle of distinguishing 'old from new'
  • We support all method development with our extensive analytical capabilities, including XRD, DSIMS, SEM, and ICP-MS.

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