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Advancing Formulations 2018

This event took place on Wednesday 13th June 2018.

Feedback from our forum in 2018

We asked how the following statements applied to their experience.

What We Asked What Attendees Said
The forum was useful 100% strongly agreed or agreed
The networking event met my expectations 94% strongly agreed or agreed
I was satisfied with the venue and location 100% strongly agreed or agreed
Would you recommend this or a similar event to a colleague? 97% said they would
Advancing Formulations 2018 Event - photo 2

Other thoughts or comments

Great venue and mixture of talks.

Networking was very useful, people were keen to talk.

Covering suncare, hair care, and oral care, this conference could have been designed just for me. - Technical Manager, Lambson

A very warm welcome and great organisation.

Good, interesting programme, and well organised.

I was able to network with a diverse range of individuals. - R&D Technologist, Advanced Medical Solutions

The day was very well organised with interesting topics discussed throughout.

Excellent diversity of speakers and participants.

Really good day, great variety in the presentations, thank you.

Advancing Formulations 2018 Event

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