Pilot & Scale up Support

Working with our affiliate organisation, AMRICC, we are able to help you transition your technology and product from lab to factory floor.

Whether you have a completely new technology that no-one has the large-scale facilities to accommodate, or you are exploiting existing technologies for your application but don’t have the internal facilities to bridge the gap, Lucideon can help.  We limit your risks, ensuring that the technology only requires capital investment from you when you are confident that the process is going to deliver what you need.

A collaboration between academia, industry and supporting partners, AMRICC supports the world's materials sector, particularly in the areas of advanced ceramics, metals and polymers, by:

  • Innovating around existing and new materials
  • Reducing time, risk and costs to industry of scale-up testing on new materials and material processes
  • Pulling inventions quickly from the laboratory, through pilot process and scale-up to commercialization
  • Developing detailed investment business cases
  • Preparing and training a pipeline of scientific and engineering business-ready postgraduates and apprentices for industry.

Interaction with AMRICC can be on a contract basis, or through membership – learn more here

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