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In the real world, being innovative can have its drawbacks. It can mean that existing “standard” test methods just don’t fit with what you have created - maybe they are outdated, or too simplistic, and don’t provide you with any valuable insight into your products during R&D stages. Often, if you develop a new drug product or change something about your current one, there is no other option but to develop and validate a new analytical method.

Our experienced team of analytical and development scientists work together to develop new methods to help you understand the properties of your products, and sometimes even help you to help others to understand them… be that regulators, consumers or patients. 

An effective test method involves not just having the right analytical equipment, but also an ability to prepare samples effectively, design the appropriate experiments, and ensure the output answers the right question. Sometimes involving multiple inter-related analyses to build up a good picture, this requires a team that understands the application and functionality in order to design the method, and knows how to operate the equipment and interpret analytical data.

Examples of the breadth of requirements for method development include:

  • New pharmaceutical compounds or products at different stages of product development
  • Product claim support for consumer products to prove to the consumer that your product does what you claim
  • In vitro methods for simulating in-vivo conditions for medical device products, to screen performance before embarking on expensive clinical trials.

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