Formulation Development

Our cross-industry engagement gives us a fresh perspective on challenging the way things are done.  This helps us to sidestep the industry norm and concentrate instead on what is fundamentally important to delivering the properties you need.

We can evaluate and choose the right ingredients for your product, utilizing our extensive materials selection database to present options in a format that can be easily compared.  Working in this way allows the ingredients that are no so well-known to be considered.

Perhaps you need to optimize your particle size, mixing or drying process to produce the required end-result, but you can’t work out how to determine the optimal set of conditions, or even which process is best suited to achieve what you need.  We can evaluate the options for you, using a combination of empirical expertise combined with advanced DoE (Design of Experiments) analysis and modeling.

We can also investigate failures and troubleshoot issues, establishing the root cause of the problem and working with you to ensure that it doesn’t reoccur.

Don’t forget - if you don’t need or want incremental improvements to what you already have, Lucideon can also help you develop something more disruptive.

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    Alternatives to Microbeads

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