With a network of laboratories in Europe, USA, and Asia, we are able to serve our global customers seamlessly.

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence

We operate a “centre of excellence” model, concentrating our expertise in certain areas to ensure the highest quality of work and smooth delivery.

With the diversity of our customer base and their requirements and materials, our teams invariably have to collaborate with their colleagues from different fields within the Lucideon Group to ensure we have all the right people working on the right projects. You don’t have to worry about this though – you can send your projects to your local Lucideon branch, and we do the rest.


Our facilities range from advanced analytical labs with millions of dollars’ worth of specialized and “standard” equipment and smaller scale, versatile development labs for making and processing new materials (mixing, drying, grinding, machining, precipitating, emulsifying) to larger scale pilot plant facilities for our flagship technologies and processes.

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