Enhance Bioavailability

Tackling the Key Bioavailability Barriers

Achieving a desired concentration of a drug product for pharmacological response can be difficult in formulations of poorly soluble compounds or low stability. These issues often translate into poor bioavailability, reduced efficacy, or a need for complex manufacturing processes to stabilize the formulation.

Using our materials and formulation expertise, we have developed a platform for tackling poor solubility and stability of both oral and injectable formulations.

Technology for Poorly Soluble Compounds

At Lucideon, we have developed a carrier technology that helps maximize the bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds.

Our technology:

  • Enhances dissolution rate whilst maintaining control
  • Has high loading capacity
  • Is highly stable without need for freeze drying
  • Keeps the compound in an amorphous state
  • Offers tailored release options.

Technology for Improving Stability

Formulation stability during development, manufacturing and during storage is key to a drug product’s bioavailability.  We have developed a series of options to tackle stability issues such as formulation degradation of small and large molecule products. Learn more here.

We work with you to find the best technology options for your clinical needs.  Contact us today to learn about our bioavailability solutions.

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