Control Release

Tailoring Release from Minutes to Months

Our controlled release platform, iCRT, enables immediate, modified and extended release of formulations by manipulating the properties (e.g. porosity, solubility) of inorganic materials, e.g. silica.  The smart carrier utilizes a range of triggers such as time, pH, and moisture to deliver drugs to achieve more specific profiles, such as pulsatile and delayed release. Release can also be sustained for several months, if necessary, for injectable formulations.

iCRT is highly flexible, with various final forms including solid dose, liquid and powder, and can be tailored to deliver both small and large molecule drugs.

Adapted for the delivery of topical, oral and injectable treatments.

  • Controllable, superior release (minutes to months)
  • Non-polymeric (no toxic degradation products)
  • Flexible to your product needs
  • High loading capacity
  • Can deliver zero order release
  • Complementary to or an alternative to freeze drying.


  • Extended release of topical products
  • Long-acting injectable drugs
  • Immediate release solid oral dose
  • Ocular injections.

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