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At Lucideon, our focus is on delivering competitive advantage for you through our specialist drug delivery and formulation technologies, and through tailored development support.  Our unique platform technologies offer solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, when off-the-shelf just won't do.

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Whether part of a product lifecycle management activity, e.g. patent extension, or a formulation project with a challenging molecule, with high barriers to its development but high rewards if successful, we are the partner you can trust.

With over 60 years of development expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of materials science and industry needs, we develop tailor-made solutions for each and every client.  We work to accelerate the development and commercialization of your products and use our smart materials to enable optimal drug release and performance of challenging formulations and compounds.

The materials we use are all GRAS or approved on the IID – what makes Lucideon’s materials unique is how we manipulate them to give you tailored properties.  That expertise and flexibility is not available with off-the-shelf excipients.

The iCRT drug delivery platform offers solutions for key issues including:

  • Poor bioavailability and solubility
  • Unfavorable release profiles
  • Viscosity and aggregation issues in biologics
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Formulation instability
  • ...and more…

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Discover more about how we work here. The pages listed above highlight our key technologies but are not exhaustive, so please get in touch to learn more about our offering and expertise.

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  • Article

    The Prescription Abuse Epidemic: Designing a Solution

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    Abuse Deterrence for the Pharmaceutical Market

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